Scouts of the Yellowstone - John Mulvany c. 1881

(Item: 0558)

Oil on Canvas, signed, the antecedent being "Custer's Last Rally" which was the first major work

executed after the Battle of Little Bighorn. Others followed--Cassily Adams, Edgar Paxson and Otto Becker.


"One of the newspaper accounts of 1882, however, mentions another Western painting which should find

its way into our record. Mulvany rented a studio while in Chicago and had on display there other pictures

in addition to the "Last Rally." One was called "The Scouts of the Yellowstone." The painting depicted

in the foreground two kneeling figures, rifles in hand, with another scout in the background holding

three horses. The figures were set on a hilly landscape with a river in the distance, the highest land

represented in the picture just catching the reflection of the sun. The forground figures were said to be

the same as the two of the soldiers portrayed in "Custer's Last Rally." (see Artists and Illustrators of

the Old West 1850-1900 by Robert Taft (pg. 140)

Circa:  1881
W. 30″  Ht. 25″ 
Price: $28,000.00
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